A chance for Inter and Tottenham? Cagliari promised Nandez freedom in January below cost, the agent winks at Napoli

It was not tried this summer. Offers came to Sardinia from all sides, but Cagliari rejected each one, so it did Naitan Nandez against his will he remained on the island. In the end, he had to apologize to the president of the club Tomazu Giulinia, because he wanted to box the transfer with all his might.

He could choose, because Inter inquired about his health (sought a replacement for AshrafHakimija), was also noticed by the English, Tottenham (mostly thanks to the new sports director FabiusParatići) i Leeds, however, the Sardis insisted on a buyout clause and thus wiped out all suitors.

However, the two sides meanwhile "buried the hatchets” and made a deal – Cagliari agreed to sell Nandeza in January, his agent discovered Pablo Bentankur in an interview for Neapolitan television CalcioNapoli24.

"Giulini promised the player and me that he will do everything he can to sell Nandez in January. Nandez wants to win something, to play in the Champions League. The president gave us his word, Nandez is the most expensive paid player in the history of Cagliari, but we understand the crisis.” he said Bentankur for the Neapolitan medium.

The agent of the 25-year-old football player pointed out that the interest has not disappeared, and that in the next transitional period, unnamed European clubs could go after his client.

"Two or three clubs will try to bring in Nandez in January as well, including Napoli and I would be happy to see him in their jersey for sure. I think Nandez will leave the club for less than his € 36,000,000 buyout clause. The president said yesterday talked to Naitan and told me he would lower the price, ” he concluded Bentankur.

Nandez arrived in Cagliari two years ago from Boka for a record 17,000,000 euros and apparently has already outgrown the Sardinia Arena. The islanders are not doing well this season, after six rounds they have only two points, and after three rounds they managed to fire Leonard Semplici and put in his place Valtera Macaria.


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