A competition for the design of metro stations in Belgrade has been announced – 24sata online

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić stated that a competition was announced today for the conceptual architectural solution and design of the metro station for the first phase of the first line of the Belgrade metro.

As he specified, the City of Belgrade has announced a competition for the conceptual design of the first 16 metro stations because it wants to hire local architects.

– Serbian architects will, like the line park, get to work on the subway. We want young Serbian architects to participate in the construction of the subway and the design of stations, because in that way they will gain references to work in the world. In addition, each station will be different and tell a story about that part of the city or some event from the history of Serbia. That way, our metro will be different, and not like some others in the world that have completely identical stations. When we get conceptual solutions, metro stations will be built on them – said Vesić.

The announcer / client is the City of Belgrade, the City Administration of the City of Belgrade, ie the Secretariat for Public Transport and JKP "Belgrade Metro and Train”, in cooperation with the organizer of the competition – the Association of Architects of Serbia.

The competition is public, open, anonymous, one-stage and survey for the conceptual architectural solution and design. The competition is publicly available on the public procurement portal and the website of the Association of Architects of Serbia.

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