‘A silly plastic stick in the middle of the road is just daft’ – Readers reacts to scrapping of ‘poorly received’ Bolton cycle lane plan

RESIDENTS have reacted to the news that a controversial cycle lane plan along one of Bolton’s key routes will not be implemented in full.

The £275,000 scheme would have seen a cycle lane on Chorley New Road repainted and widened with new ‘orca wands’ installed in order to protect cyclists from traffic.

However the scheme proved controversial with residents unhappy about congestion and as a result was halted in March with the wands removed, while as of Tuesday September 21, the council has confirmed that they will not be reinstated.

Meanwhile Bolton News readers have reacted online to the news.

renovatedhouserunner said: "Surely raised kerb stones to separate cyclists are the way forward to keep them safe Pedestrians don’t need a pavement that wide. A silly plastic stick in the middle of the road is just daft and will never keep drivers who have so many distractions in their cars these days away from pedestrians.”

Lostock0000 said: "Another example of zero imagination, poor thinking and cheapskate execution. A much better solution would be to run a cycle path from Bolton to Horwich alongside the railway / Middlebrook – through Queens Park at one end, the Lostock golf course and linking into the cycle paths behind the Wanderers training ground and around the Unibol – much healthier and safer for cyclists and increased capacity on Chorley New Road. Then when the new estate and park areas are built at the loco works it could extend into Horwich without affecting Chorley New Roady at all.”

ukstrider said: "There is already a very good path along Middlebrook but the only problem is there are no easy, without steep steps, ways off the path to areas ie estates, along the way”

MacJD said: "I hope they follow up by repairing the road and footpaths, re-balancing the pathway and cycle lane widths to give all three decent space and where possible inserting parking bays in known problem areas. Hope is a beautiful thing.”

ep6149 said: "The one thing that amazed me was the cost. Just what are these post made of?: White line painted on road and a series of posts, presumably precious metals. Public money again so cost irrelevant.”

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