Aja Jung: "Tasovac was like a brother to me”

The director of the Belgrade Philharmonic and former Minister of Culture, Ivan Tasovac, passed away on Wednesday night. On that occasion, the director of the Belgrade Game Festival, Aja Jung, told TV Prva that our society had become a toxic environment that did not understand it.

As he goes on to say, it makes no sense for the new Philharmonic building to be named after him, because it means nothing to him.

"I mean, it might mean something to his sons and family, but it doesn’t mean anything to him anymore,” says the director.

The relationship between Aja Jung and Ivan Tasovac was more than friendly, and, as he goes on to say, it was real and sincere.

"We went through good and bad moments. I don’t have a brother, but he was like one to me. "

Photo: Tanjug / Sava Radovanović

He had one special note, he says, that made him a great artist.

"He was appreciated and loved, but sometimes insufficiently respected and appreciated, because this environment can be very stressful for those who stand out from it,” says director Jung.

As he further says, he was a visionary, he had a gift from God and he knew how to organize his children, his musicians.

With his premature departure, Belgrade culture lost a lot of that, and that, as he says, will soon be shown.

Source: Tv Prva, B92

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