ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE DAY (Friday, October 1): Star of Fener, Bilbao of Alaves

LANS – REMS, 21.00

(Football, France 1)

escape from Marseilles, the main mission is second-placed Lance! Reims will most likely be the victim, because in addition to the position of the visiting team, the team also has a deficit of playing staff, which currently has six names due to injuries in the red. The couple inherited the GG tradition in the last four matches, of which there were draws in three matches, and the last friendly victory in July was taken by Lance.


(Football, Italy 1)

This is a lantern derby, so despite the odds, we are almost certain that it is impossible to say who is the favorite here. Simply, the thesis about the better is impossible to set, and it is up to us to say that Venice has managed to celebrate once in Serie A, and that it has scored only four goals. Cagliari’s goal difference is 7:15.


(Football, Germany 1)

Greuther Firth, as the worst in the course of the competition so far, does not expect anything good in Cologne. The host wants to break away from the seventh place, but also three consecutive matches in which he drew. On the other hand, a strict defense is expected from the visiting team, and we add that Cologne won two matches of the pair with 4: 0 in 2018 and next year.


(Football, Spain 1)

Alaves is in the channel, despite the surprises in the last round! We don’t think anything derogatory, because we must not draw a more positive conclusion about the team that collected only three points from the last victory over Atletico Madrid. It is up to the tenth-placed Bilbao to prove that he is better, even though he has not won the last two matches of the pair. The last time in April was 0: 0.


(Football, Belgium 1)

All in all, this could be one of the matches with equal chances on both sides. The standard is true in the negative series due to the defeats by Anderlecht and Sint Trojden, but that is by no means a sign that this is a bad team. Mechelen will surely motivate the victories in the last two rounds. By the way, betting statistics teach us that betting on a larger number of goals is extremely profitable for this pair.

STOCK – VBA, 20.45

(Football, England 2)

She is still in the Championship and knows nothing! The WBA is first with 22 points, as is Bournemouth, Fulham is third with two points less, Coventry has 19, and Stoke has 18 points. This indicates the exceptional interest of both teams in the game to win. It is interesting to say that the pair came in the last three matches of the pair, of which the WBA was better on two occasions, and that the NG type was ticked in all those matches.


(Football, Italy 2)

Lecce plays solidly, without nervousness and definitely has a better-tuned team than Monza, who has had small problems in the last five rounds. By the way, in May of this year, Monza won the half-full match of the pair with 1: 0, while earlier, throughout the further history, there was a draw tradition between them. This time, we expect Lecce to be more specific on the field, although we do not deny the possibility of Monza defending effectively.


(Football, Serbia 1)

In the previous season, the rivals achieved a victory, each at home, and apart from the fact that he plays in front of his audience, Radnički’s trump card is also a better form at the beginning of the current competition year. By the way, Radnički proved to be generous in GG 3+ betting, so thinking about combinations with final outcomes will be the main topic when betting on this match.


(Basketball, Euroleague)

It is a difficult task for Zvezda, since it starts against Fenerbahce when it leads from this season Aleksandar Djordjevic. Fenerbahce has not only changed its professional staff. They arrived Devin Booker,, Ismet Akpinar, Marijal Shajok,, Pierre Henry, Metejan Birsen… The natives will start new actions with them De Colo, Marko Guduric, Veseli, Pierre, Mahmutoglu. The people of Belgrade had a complicated summer. First of all, we mean injury Ognjen Dobrić, but not to lengthen. This visit is really too difficult for the red and whites.


(Basketball, Euroleague)

The handicap on the Spanish team seems to be the most interesting guy to be chosen in this match. Namely, Barcelona will probably be the biggest favorite of the day because Alba will be its guests. Sarunas Jasikevicius has kept the core of the team, so he will be the favorite not only against the team from Berlin, but also one of the favorites in the entire season.


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