Another Partizan river in Humska, the majestic evening of Quincy Menig and Richard’s jump at elevation 16

Everything is the same in Humska 1. Parni valjak grabs according to the schedule, as he started the championship race, he continues it with undiminished speed.

Another river on the black and white side of Topčiderski brdo was hit, Spartak did not last even a quarter of an hour under the onslaught of the unstoppable this season Ricard Gomes, who today scored the 16th goal in 17 Partizan games on all fronts and paved the way for the ninth triumph in the Super League – 5: 0.

The match, however, was marked Quincy Menig, the reinforcement of the black and whites from the Netherlands, who is still adapting to his teammates, a new style of play, the league, but tonight he showed why he was brought to Hum. Two of his assists in the first half decided the game, and above all Ricardo the better it went, there could have been more. And, after that it is Menig scored a beautiful goal with a "muffin” in the far corner under the bar, for a standing ovation on the open stage for a masterful evening, the best since arriving in Belgrade.

Even after this round, Partizan is lonely at the top of the table with a point advantage over its eternal rival, an easy victory calmed the spirits that rose around the stadium by leaving Sejdube Sume, and now the black and whites can prepare in peace for Thursday and the match with Flora in the second round of the Conference League.

The only thing Stanojevic can not be satisfied with what was seen in the first half is the concentration in the end. And this time Partizan did not miss many chances, but did not manage to create a hill of zicera just because the final pass did not serve almost anyone except Quincy Meniga.

All 45 minutes, Parni Valjak "hung” on the edge of Spartak’s penalty area, and if the ball had listened to the black and whites at least 50 percent better in the moments when it was necessary to hire a teammate for a goal chance, throw the ball where it should or send it to the right place, goalkeeper from Subotica Dubljanic in front of a real Golgotha ​​in front of the net.

There were chances, as it were not. Menig had the first chance of the match and beat over the goal, Terzic a nice lob ended up next to the tripod, Ricardo shot very badly on two hundred percent occasions …

Spartak came out in a 5-4-1 formation and lasted with her for 14 minutes not to concede a goal. And, when the fat had already gone to ruin, the Blue Pigeons opened up and tried to outplay the leader on the table. They managed to create one big chance, which it is Sreckovic ended with a shot over the goal. It is nice for the eyes and soul of the fans in the stands when they watch two teams compete, not that one does not cross the center, but on the other hand it is a double-edged sword for an outsider, which was shown by the example of Subotica.

They withstood the barrage fire of Partizan until the last minute of the referee’s compensation, and then Quincy Menig once again found a way to assist, this time a young man Nikola Terzic, who raised the lead of the black and whites to 2: 0. There, essentially, the match was settled.

Everything was the same in the second part. Partizan attacked, created dangerous actions in front of Spartak’s penalty area, the goalkeeper Dubljanic took two big chances Terzic i Natha, but with mastery Meniga in the 61st minute he couldn’t do anything. The Dutchman "killed the spider” and ran in front of the south to point to the coat of arms on his jersey with a wide smile on his face.

Just a little after that Ricardo Gomes scored his second goal of the match by going around the goalkeeper again and sending football into the empty net. Assistant – Nemanja Jovic. Another good news for Stanojevic, which does not reduce the tone of individuals, the range of shooters and assistants is still quite wide. In the end, before the referee’s whistle, a good attack again Jovic, and sent the ball into the net Dutch.

Convincing victory of Partizan, five goals, saved net and peace in the house again. It couldn’t have been better …


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