Appeal to the fans from Humska: After four years, we are competitive for the title, do not take away our positive energy

Unusual situation in Humska: Partizan is the first on the table of the Super League after four years, it is beaten by the winds at that top in the last days, but from – its own ranks.

Although the resulting Steamroller did not stand better for a long time, the excess with Sejdub Sum, which ended in an agreed termination of cooperation, polarized the fans.

Partizan coach Aleksandar Stanojevic he hopes that the negative energy that suddenly entered the ranks of the team and especially around it, will not start to be broadcast from the stands at the next matches of the team. The head of the club from Humska appealed to the fans to support the football players in the challenges that follow.

"Support these guys, don’t hate anyone at the stadium, especially the children of Partizan, who were here 10-15 years ago, are here now and will be here again in 10-15 years. Support us tomorrow at the stadium, because every game is a life and death fight, a constant fight, we play every game to the bone. We are in a situation after four years to be competitive for the title, do not take away from us the positive energy we have, be with us, support us, because every positive sentence means to us, every applause, as you have carried us all this time", he said Stanojevic.

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He added that he and the players are affected by every malicious comment to work to the detriment of the club.

"We are deeply shaken by every thought that some of us here are not doing our part for this coat of arms. I don’t know if the fans didn’t see our emotion on the field, anyone playing. Give us maximum support, it is not easy to win every game, to fight for every second of this championship“.

Stanojevic is the one who takes responsibility for the results and the composition of the team, although he admits that there are players he would also like, like Forests, to have more minutes.

"I am glad that we made such a team and such a group of players that everyone rotates, everyone plays and I don’t care who plays, they are aware of that. I don’t think the guys are happy about that, there are players who were extremely angry that they didn’t start the derby or some other games, it’s not easy to put up with that. I know that they are angry with me, but when each of them goes out on the field and sees the coat of arms of Partizan, they know that it is a pure story, it does not make any difference whether this or that football player played. We just can’t do without Ricard, but maybe we will find a solution there as well, since he plays under injections", He underlined Stanojevic.


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