Barcelona made an agreement with Pedri: A new contract and a salary increase will fall

Greek Barcelona in debt, water from all sides enters the rocking ship as Joan Laporta trying to put Blaugrana on his feet and "get rid” of his predecessor’s legacy – Joseph Maria Bartomeu. The first man of the Catalan club tried to stay at the Camp Nou this summer Lionel Messiah – failed. The same outcome was with Ilaish Morib. But, in Barcelona, ​​they are not giving up on new contracts for future superstars.

In the sea of ​​bad news, a glimmer of hope is finally looming at Camp Nou. Barcelona marked three players, they are tireless leaders of the Catalan club in an effort to extend contracts with Pedri, Ansu Fati i Usman Dembele. It seems that the progress in the negotiations has been made and that in October, the Blaugrana could finish a great job.

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For more than a month, the leaders of Barcelona have been negotiating with the agents of one of the most talented players on the Old Continent. Pedri is among the players earning the least in Barcelona and that will change with the signing of a new contract. Of course, in accordance with Barcelona’s possibilities. Pedri has reportedly agreed to the terms offered, trusting the club’s management in a long-running project to rebuild Barcelona and lay a solid foundation.

And that’s not the only good news coming from the Pyrenees. After 10 months of recovery, he returns to the field Ansu Fati. The boy, who originated in La Masia, is expected to have a brilliant career, he is projected to be the successor Lionel Messiah and marked as someone who should carry a ten.

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At the same time, Barcelona is working on reducing the salaries of the natives. It goes by the pull-pull principle, harder than they are Joan Laporta and his associates thought it would be. But when they are Gerard Pique, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets i Sergio Roberto agreed in principle to reduce their salary, it is expected that their example will be followed by Brazilians Kutinjo i Not that, as well as a French stopper Umtiti.

Barcelona plans to meet again soon with the agents of the three mentioned football players and start a new round of negotiations. However, the big question is whether they will be fruitful, because the Brazilians were the loudest when the salary cut was proposed, due to the coronary virus pandemic. They categorically rejected that possibility. They did not find relief, they stayed at Camp Nou and they hope in Barcelona that this time they will manage to soften them and thus minimally alleviate the difficult financial situation.


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