Benzema’s transformation – from the ugly duckling and supporting role to Real’s squire and the legendary nine

Real Madrid fans had no idea how many there would be in 2009 Karim Benzema get under the skin, what kind of stamp it will leave on the Santiago Bernabeu and to what extent to indebt the club. Those on whose scanner he was from day one witnessed the transformation of the French goal scorer, an incredible transformation during his 12 years of residence Karima Benzema in the Spanish capital.

From supporting actor to leading role. Often despised, and eventually a club squire. He went through various stages Karim Benzema from the first to the 200th jubilee goal in the Blancos jersey. And the jubilee and premiere goal binds the Santiago Bernabeu. Xerez was the first victim on September 20, 2009, and on September 22, Mallorca had the honor of the Frenchman packing her 200th goal in Kraljevic’s house.

What is Karim Benzema doing ... Two more goals and two assists;  Jovic close to the goal

The photos of the beardless young man who arrived from Lyon for 35,000,000 euros and these are practically incompatible today. Once a scared guy far from home in a sea of ​​stars and club legends, and now the first name of Real Madrid. A trademark of the European giant and someone without whom it is difficult to imagine the Royal Club.

About physical transformation and everything from private life during the long 12 years at the Santiago Bernabeu – and the stay of the Frenchman will last, because the contract has two more seasons – it is superfluous to speak. It is enough to just focus on the field, the players who paraded, who he sent off and welcomed… With whom did he form an attacking tandem upon his arrival at the club, and who keeps his back in the attack today.

It probably sounds amazing, but the code Benzene the first goal in the Primera was his attacking partner Rud van Nistelrooy. Today they are a tandem in Real Madrid Benzema i Vinicius, who is more than twice as young as the former Dutch ace.

Until you leave Cristiano Ronaldo no one could imagine Karima Benzemain as a leader. He was also in the front of the hierarchy Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos and many others. The Frenchman waited a moment to fight for his place under the sun in Madrid and welcomed her. Although he is not officially the first captain of the Royal Club, in fact he is. Marcelo is far from the prime, he is more on the bench and in the stands than on the field, so he is Karim Benzema the one on whose hand the captain’s armband usually rests.

He changed partners in the attack, he also changed numbers. Upon arriving at the club, he wore 11 as part of the plan "Week for Ronaldo”. The Portuguese had to temporarily take a nine while a club legend Raul do not leave the club. When did it happen, Cristiano Ronaldo took a week, a Karim Benzema his nine. He was often challenged, many argued that he was not worthy to wear a nine at Real Madrid. Now it’s a long time ago and all those who told it just bow their heads when that story is pulled. Not only does that nine belong to him, but it is one of the longest-running nines in the Royal Club. Benzema has been wearing it for 11 years.

The cult Santiago Bernabeu is also different. Reconstruction is in full swing, it will experience Karim Benzema that the home of Real Madrid undergoes a transformation, just as it is the case with him …


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