Biden signed the law, avoided US government blockade – 24sata online

US President Joe Biden signed a bill on temporary government funding until December 3, which was previously adopted by Congress, thus avoiding the partial closure of federal institutions and continued government funding.

– There is still much we have to do, but the adoption of this law reminds us that cooperation between the two parties is possible and gives us time to adopt long-term funding for our government to function and work for the American people – Biden said in a statement after the law was signed. and transmitted by the AP agency.

The bill was first approved in the Senate with 65 votes in favor and 35 against, and then in the House of Representatives where it had the support of 254 members, while 175 were against.

Photo: Tanjug / AP

In addition to the smooth operation of the US government, the proposal on its temporary financing envisages assistance of 28.6 billion dollars to the areas that suffered the consequences of natural disasters and fires, and money of 6.3 billion dollars for refugees from Afghanistan is included.

Since 1980, the US federal government has been "closed” 21 times due to a lack of budget agreement, and this was the first potential closure of the government during the term of President Joseph Biden.

Source: Tanjug

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