Brady saved the tripod, GOAT knocked down his New England, Arizona sowed fear in the league

He won Tom Brady the only team that has failed in his career so far – his New England, in which he spent two decades, in a match that America was looking forward to. Tampa Bay slipped through the needle ears. The champion won in Foxborg with 19:17, and the legendary ace joined Bretu Favre,, Peyton Manning i Druu Brisu who won all 32 franchises.

Barrow won the duel of the first peaks: Bengals thriller in Ohio, Jacksonville in a series of 19 defeats

The guests were helped by a tripod. Namely, in a little less than a minute until the end, in the fourth down for three, Bill Belichik gave Nick Folk a bit of a gamble to be a hero, but the experienced kicker missed a 56-yard shot. There was no logic for such an attempt, the weather in Boston was terrible, it was raining hard and the wind was blowing during the whole match. The experienced coach did not believe in the young quarterback’s hand Mecca Jones. Folk was a little short of guessing. Luck was with the Bakanirs this time. The defender of the title was not thrilled, he struggled Brady against the excellent defense of the hosts, but in the end – the third victory of the team from Florida for the first place in the division, South NFC.

He’s here Brady to Gillette Stadium where he was greeted with a standing ovation. There was no discount on the field. Already in the 10th minute of the match after adding ka Antonio Brown,, Brady became the quarterback with the most yards thrown in history. He broke the record Drua Brisa from 80,362. The match was not interrupted, it was only written on the scoreboard that Brady had written a new page of the favorite sport of the Americans.

She was a seesaw throughout the match. Brady failed to throw a single touchdown pass, but did not lose a single ball. The host even lost possession three times and in the end, however, was defeated for the third time in the season, due to worries It was Belichika. The defense is great, but the attack is coughing.

02.15: (1.60) Los Angeles Chargers (14.0) Las Vegas Raiders (2.55)

Arizona sows fear in the NFL. The Cardinals defeated the divisional rival Los Angeles Reims with 37:20 and broke a series of eight defeats against the team from the "city of angels”. Matthew Stafford did not have his day, while on the other hand he excelled Kayler Marie, the peak of the first round of the 2019 draft. He played his receivers great, first of all Deandrea Hopkins and veterans AJ Green.

In the Old School derby at Lembo fil, Aaron Rogers was better than Ben Rotlisberger in the 2011 Super Bowl replay. Green Bay convincingly celebrated against Pittsburgh with 27:17. The Steelers’ attack failed again. Apart from the first attack when the touchdown was scored, by the end of the match, the defense of Siraš easily came out with Big Benom and his targets.

The surprise from the weekend was taken care of by the teams from New York, which celebrated the first ptz in the championship, after the overtime. The Jets beat the weakened Tennessee at Matt Life with 27:24. The Tights played without two elite receivers, injured AJ Brown i Julia Jones. Derrick Henry he couldn’t do everything alone in the Nashville team. The first quarterback in his career was also achieved by a quarterback Zack Wilson. The Giants beat New Orleans in Louisiana with 27:21, also after an additional 10 minutes. He judged the touchdown by running Sekunaa Barklia, the first guest stars.


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–Kansas broke a two-game losing streak and knocked down the Eagles in Philadelphia with 42:30 without any major problems. After a slightly weaker two games, it worked Patrick Mahoms. They were a great receiver Tyrick Hill, as well as a running back Edwards Hiller.

Cleveland is the defensive force this season. The Browns beat Minnesota 14-7. Up to this round great Kirk Cousins was stopped by a brutal defense team from Ohio led by Miles Gareth, the first pick in the 2017 draft.

Tampa Champion Supplement: Signed by Richard Sherman

Seattle beat San Francisco in California with 28:21. The quarterback of the Fortinainers was injured in that match Jimmy Garopolo, and he changed it Trey Lance. Denver’s quarterback did not end the match either Teddy Bridgewater. The Broncos suffered their first defeat of the season. Balitmor sa Lamar Jackson celebrated in Colorado with 23: 7. Now only the Las Vegas Raiders are not defeated in the AFC. Company John Gruden will play the last game of the fourth weekend on Tuesday morning with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Dallas is fantastic this season. He also tied the third triumph. He beat Carolina at AT&T Stadium with 35:27 left. The Panthers had an advantage at halftime of 14:13, but in the third period of the game, the hosts scored touchdowns three times. The cornerback was brilliant Trevon Digs, who caught two balls thrown by the Charlotte quarterback, I’m Darnold. The hosts had a difference of 22 points, but in the last period of the game, Dallas relaxed, so the guests reduced it with two, but did not make it to the finish to get the ball and possibly go into overtime. Ranking backs Ezekiel Eliot i Tony Polard they ran great in the last attack, so they managed to save possession. For the Pantes, this is their first defeat. He couldn’t play Christian McCaffrey, star of Carolina.

Buffalo beat weak Houston with 40: 0, while Indianapolis celebrated for the first time in the season, in Miami against the Dolphins with 27:17.



Cincinnati Bengals – Jacksonville Jaguars 24:21 (0: 7, 0: 7, 14: 0, 10: 7)


Atlanta Falcons – Washington Football Team 30:34 (3: 0, 14:13, 6: 9, 7:12)

Buffalo Bills – Houston Texas 40: 0 (7: 0, 9: 0, 3: 0, 21: 0)

Chicago Bears – Detroit Lions 24:14 (7: 0, 7: 0, 10: 7, 0: 7)

Dallas Cowboys – Carolina Panthers 36:28 (7: 7, 6: 7, 20: 0, 3:14)

Miami Dolphins – Indianapolis Colts 17:27 (3: 0, 0: 7, 0:10, 10:14)

Minnesota Vikings – Cleveland Browns 7:14 (7: 0, 0:11, 0: 3, 0: 0)

New Orleans Saints – New York Giants 21:27 pp (0: 0, 7: 7, 7: 3, 7:11, 0: 6)

New York Jets – Tennessee Titans 27:24 p. p (0: 3, 7: 6, 3: 0, 14:15, 3: 0)

Philadelphia Eagles – Kansas City Chiefs 30:42 (10: 7, 3:14, 3: 7, 14:14)

Los Angeles Reims – Arizona Cardinals 20:37 (10: 7, 3:17, 0:10, 7: 3)

San Francisco Fortinainers – Seattle Seahawks 21:28 (7: 0, 0: 7, 6:14, 8: 7)

Denver Broncos – Baltimore Ravens 7:23 (0: 0, 7:17, 0: 0, 0: 6)

Green Bay Packers – Pittsburgh Steelers 27:17 (0: 7, 17: 3, 10: 0, 0: 7)


New England Patriots – Tampa Bay Bakanirs 17:19 (0: 3, 7: 3, 0: 7, 10: 6)


02.15: (1.60) Los Angeles Chargers (14.0) Las Vegas Raiders (2.55)

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