Carmelo Anthony: I won’t play like Tom Brady until I’m 50

Carmelo Anthony is among the 10 players to score the most points in NBA history. He will surely climb another step this season, because he You can Malone run 39, a Shaquille O’Neill 1229 points. Still, what Anthony not in relation to the two of them, but also the others in the Top 10, except Karl Malone, is a champion ring.

But, Postman won the MVP award which is also missing in Anthony collection while the others from the top 10 have it: Karim Abdul Jabar, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neill i You can Malone.

The third pick from the 2003 draft hopes that he could win the title this year with the Lakers, which he came to precisely because of that. As he says, he will not chase her until the age of 50, although he once mentioned that he plans to welcome the sixth decade on the floor.

"Honestly, I don’t think about it anymore. At the moment, it’s just basketball in my head … I can still do what I do at a high level … I still feel passion. I didn’t lose her. My love for the game I think is the greatest now", he said Anthony.

When asked if he will reach Thomas Brady at least for years in professional sports, because the legendary quarterback also excels in NFL courts in the 45th, and the Lakers answered briefly:

"I am not (yet) 40 years old. Brady only plays attack, the team protects him. But, I repeat, I don’t want to play until 50."

By the way, during the NBA history, 30 players celebrated their 40th birthday on the field. He was the most timely Nikola Zarnečić. An American born on Korcula who was better known in the USA as Nicholas Hickey He finished the NBA in 1948, more precisely his BAA career (the league got its current name in 1949) at the age of less than 46, ie 45 and 363 days.

He was the second oldest active player Kevin Willis who said goodbye to the NBA in 2007 at 44 years and 224 days, and the third legendary Chief, Robert Parish who said goodbye to active playing in 1997 at the age of 43 years and 254 days.

He is the oldest of the active players Judonis Haslem, The man who spent his entire NBA career in Miami on June 9 turned 41 years old. They are behind him Andre Igudala (born January 28, 1984), Carmelo Anthony (May 29, 1984), LeBron James (December 30, 1984) …


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