Chico Da Costa lifted Asuncion to his feet, Guarani is no longer invincible – VAR annulled the goal in 90 + 4 (VIDEO)

A time of great pleasure in the suburbs of Asuncion, as well as disappointment. Sol de America did what no one has done since the beginning of Clausura: the shield of Guarani’s invincibility has fallen!

He resisted the famous club from the neighborhood for a long time, but for the first time this season he had to admit that someone else was better. After six wins and three draws, Guarani laid down his arms. Sol de America won the local derby with the result 2: 1 (1: 1) in an extremely tense, emotionally charged match that brought quite a surprise.

Sola is on the lips of the fans Francisco Da Costa!! The Brazilian inflicted that first defeat on Guarani with two goals in the championship and prevented him from increasing the advantage at the top of the table to as many as eight points. Uncle Da Costa scored a goal for the home team’s lead literally from the first serious shot towards the goal. He played in the 16th minute of the game when he confirmed that he was in a good mood for the match. Guarani has finally become vulnerable.


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Guest coach Fernando Hubero he ordered his players to move forward in order to equalize as soon as possible and thus open the game completely. The goal arrived a few moments before the end of the first half. Alberto Contrera is perfectly centered for Marcos Cáceres and combined it with a goal for 1: 1.

In the continuation of the match, the chances were on both sides, but the host was the last to laugh. Following the example of his opponent before the end of the half Victor Ayala In the 53rd minute, he sent a usable cross from the corner with which he hit Yes Costa "In the eyelash”, and he hit Sola back with a header.

That was not the end of the excitement, as Guarani forced attack after attack in search of a new equalizer. And he reached the same in the fourth minute of compensation after the goal Alfija Ovijeda, but is the main referee of the match Juan Gabriel Benitez the same was soon annulled due to offside Danijela Keka Vilalve.

With this defeat, Guarani was left with a chance for his closest companion, Ser Porteño, to reduce the gap to less than five points …



Sol de America – Guarani 2: 1 (1: 1)

/ Da Costa 16, 55 – Cáceres 44 /


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