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The City of Belgrade gladly accepted the initiative submitted by the President of the Social Democratic Party of Serbia, Rasim Ljajic, as a citizen, to get Toma Zdravkovic a monument in Belgrade, said Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic after the meeting attended by the President of the Commission for Monuments and Names of Squares and Streets Andrea Radulović.

– At the next session of the City Assembly, we will make a decision on the erection of a memorial that should be in Skadarlija, exactly at the place where he sang for the last time – Vesić pointed out.

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Emphasizing that Toma Zdravković is a part of the history of our city and our culture, Vesić pointed out that a competition will be announced in which the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments will participate, considering that Skadarlija is under state protection because it belongs to the cultural-historical whole.

– We hope that our artists will participate in that competition and that we will get a good solution that will fit into Skadarlija. This will add value to this part of the city, and at the same time we will preserve the memory of this exceptional man, who is now being talked about again thanks to the film. They say that a person can die twice, once physically, and the other time when everyone forgets about him. If that is true, Toma Zdravković will never die because the generations that came after his death also remember him – stated the deputy mayor.

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Rasim Ljajic, in the presence of the city secretary for culture Ivan Karl, handed over today in the City Administration of Belgrade, as a citizen, the initiative for the famous folk music singer Toma Zdravkovic to get a monument in the capital.

On that occasion, Rasim Ljajić emphasized that the proposal is for it to be in Skadarska Street in front of number 26, and that he does not mind if the Commission for Monuments and Names of Squares and Streets of the City of Belgrade decides to have it in another location.

Photo: Beoinfo

– We certainly believe that Toma Zdravković, poet, composer and singer, deserves to receive a monument in Belgrade. He was unique and famous not only in Belgrade and Serbia, but also in the entire area of ​​the former Yugoslavia. A man who painted his life with musical notes, while his songs are still as popular as when they were created, in every city of our former state – said Ljajic, adding that in the research conducted on this occasion, 64 percent of Belgraders expressed themselves positively about this initiative.

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