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The Mayor of Belgrade prof. Dr. Zoran Radojicic met today in the Old Palace with Kamil Hasiyev, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Serbia.

– It was pointed out in the conversation that, in addition to the already existing excellent cooperation at the level of Azerbaijan and Serbia, we can establish cooperation at the level of our capitals, Baku and Belgrade, for which there is certainly room – said Mayor Radojicic.

Photo: Beoinfo

Ambassador Hasijev mentioned that the visa regime will be abolished in the near future, so that the citizens of Serbia will be able to travel to Azerbaijan more easily, which will open new opportunities for cooperation.

– Another area in which Belgrade and Baku can achieve cooperation is culture. As countries with a very rich cultural life, we talked about the possibility of performances by Azerbaijani artists in Belgrade and vice versa. An excellent reason for that will be the almost marking of the twenty-five years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Azerbaijan – concluded the first man of Belgrade.

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