CRAZY TICKET (-), Saturday, 629,458 dinars: Portuguese black sheep

the startNumberhostguestthe resulttypequotathe system
five. 13:004861ChonburiChiangrai Utd2: 3 (2: 1)1ug 3+7Fix
five. 15:002924Kfar KasemBnei Yehuda Tel Aviv3: 2 (3: 1)1ug 3+9Fix
five. 17:301681AyacuchoCarlos Mannucci3: 2 (1: 2)1ug 3+7.5Fix
five. 19:005305KaragumrukBasaksehir3: 1 (3: 0)1ug 3+7.25Fix
five. 22:154102FamalicaoGuimaraes1: 2 (1: 1)1ug 3+8.75Fix
Payment: 20.00 RSDTotal coefficient: 29974.22
Potential profit RSD 2,000.00

Eh, the Portuguese … The spear broke right at your game, so the dreams of our bettor, who played the ticket at the Cerak 2 payment point, that he would be richer by 629,458 dinars, disappeared. Our bettor would not have been hit so hard if it was not the last pair. Everything before that has passed. And, pretty big odds have been hit. The total coefficient – 29,974.22 – testifies to that.

And when it’s not easy to accept defeat, betting MOZZART is there to try to entertain you with a consolation prize. Through benefits CHARGE FAILURE, our citizen of Belgrade earned 100 times the value of the payment. As he invested 20 dinars, it returned to him through 2,000.


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