Darko Lazić revealed how he started making music – 24sata online

The popular singer, as a guest on one show, talked about his late father Milan. Darko still can’t come to terms with his loss and regrets some of the things he did.

– I survived a lot in my life. I didn’t cry like a man, I can’t accept that he’s gone. Again, life goes on, yet family comes first. The song sends a message to those who have lost a parent or loved one. I’m a little sorry about some quarrels with him. He is sorry that I told him some things, only when you lose someone do you realize how much he meant to you in life – said Darko in the show "Amidži show” and revealed that it was because of his father Milan that he started playing music.

– I started with him as a kid in a pub. I sing because of him, I started with him – the singer concluded.

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