De Bruyne escaped the first red card in his career through needle ears (VIDEO)

We don’t see Kevin de Bruyne often in situations to commit an offense worthy of a red card. Moreover, in his entire senior career that has lasted for 12 years, he has never been ruled out, and in the first half of the duel with Paris Saint-Germain at Prince’s Park, he slipped through the pinholes. In the 39th minute, the Belgian started with an open sole on the scorer of the only goal, Idris Ganu Gay. He hit his lower leg, and the judge Carlos del Sero Grande he showed him only a red card.

The players of the French club immediately surrounded the Spaniard, demanding a stricter punishment for the opposing playmaker. No instructions arrived from the VAR room for del Ser Grande to look at the footage, nor did he do it on his own. Manchester City remained complete. They themselves determine whether Paris Saint-Germain is damaged.


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