Djordje Balasevic gets a museum in Novi Sad – 24sata online

The new museum planned by the Urban Plan of the University Park will be dedicated to the Novi Sad singer-songwriter George Balasevic, confirmed the director of the PE "Urbanism” Dusan Miladinovic, stating that the space in that park will be a memorial museum.

As the portal reported, the museum will be located near the quay and the Danube, which Balašević sang in his songs.

The museum is planned on an area of ​​500 square meters, it will have a gallery space, a multimedia hall, a memorial hall, as well as technical and other rooms.

According to the proposal of the urban planner, an architectural competition for that building would have to be announced before the construction.

For now, there is no information when the construction of the museum could start, and the Urban Plan of the park is in public view.

Balasevic died on February 19, at the age of 67.

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