Fate in the hands of the champions: Atletico welcomed the role of the favorite against Barça on Kuman’s day D.

On Wednesday, the day dawned with the news that the Ministry of Health has approved the full capacity of the stadiums as of this weekend. At 10 o’clock in the morning of the same day, Atletico released tickets for tonight’s match against Barcelona, ​​and in a very short time, almost everything was sold out.

Full Metropolitano, 67,000 fans who proudly call themselves the hottest in Spain, Saturday, a nice and warm evening. After a year and a half, everything promises that we will attend the celebration of the return of true football – with the twelfth player in full glory. The Kolchoneros never failed in that regard.

Still, we can’t help but wonder if the teams on the field will be able to provide us with a spectacle that would match the enthusiasm of the returnees to the stands of the stadium.

The red and whites are the favorites – that somehow calms down most of tonight’s visitors to the Metropolitan, who hope that in any case, their team will overcome the weakened and chaotic Barcelona. But, this Atletico, which on the one hand continues to play its "heart attack” football, and on the other hand, fails to fit the scheme of the game that would instill confidence, is obviously capable of all kinds of feats, as well as all kinds of defeats.

He lost the last league game to Alaves, who was the last on the table until that moment, without a single goal scored. After that, against Milan with ten players, Simeon was forced to bring all the heavy artillery to the field in the second half. Even so, the victory came only in the 96th minute.

However, despite all the criticism, in the end, the motivation (not to mention the struggle for survival) and the quality of individual players prevailed. The team that ended up in the attack on San Siro was quite impressive in terms of the Madrid club. Suarez,, Griezmann i Joao Felix together in the game they have all the potential to become the new lethal trident. A Simeon agrees that they are perfectly compatible and can be on the field at the same time.

Otherwise, Cholo has recently admitted that opposing teams have penetrated almost all of his strategies over time and that he has been forced to come forward to surprise them. However, this is certainly not the only problem. The game in both penalty areas failed. The traditionally impenetrable defense has become hollow as well Suarez the balls don’t arrive. Cholo apparently he is still looking for a game system and has to find it so that victories would not be solely the work of inspiring individuals.

However, the media agree in principle that the solution to Athletic’s problem is a matter of time and will be Simeon sooner or later manage to fulfill what is expected of this team. For the first time, there is a team that is worth more than Barcelona’s (for about 60,000,000 euros). And for the first time, all the pressure of the favorites is on him.

As for Barcelona, ​​a journalist Sports,, Lewis Mascaro described the situation vividly: "This is a nightmare. A real football drama. Unbearable agony. Barça is aimless, sad, weak, without attack and without defense ". The Catalans are in disbelief, and the absurdity grows with each game.

At the already haunted Da Luz stadium, where they lost 8: 2 to Bayern, this time they were judged by Benfica. Just a few hours after that Laporta stated that Barça must stick to their style of play and that the path to La Masia’s success, Kuman returned to the 3-5-2 scheme and completely forgot about Mingesu,, Nika i Gavia (whom Luis Enrique also trusted yesterday, inviting him to the national team). The 3-0 defeat was, after the enthusiasm created by the return Ansu Fatija, pushed into the abyss again.

It was announced yesterday on a fake Twitter account – plagiarism of Mundo Deportiva – that Barça has opened an account to which members can make payments to help pay off Kumanova severance pay of 12,000,000 euros. Unfortunately, judging by the comments, most did not take this as a joke at all. For now, Laporta as a solution, he brings only a "sports performance director” who should modernize fitness training. And that is that.

Kumanu as in a video game, another life against Athletic was given. However, even if he manages to win, he will be the last. The question is not whether he is leaving, but only when, and especially how. Fortunately for him, he will not sit on the Barcelona bench tonight due to sanctions. After that, the club has a 15-day national team break to think carefully about what to do next.

Kuman stated before the match that he was quite tired of constantly defending himself and repeated for the hundredth time that the coach works with the players he has at his disposal. "If I had a bag of money, Messi would still be there,” he was honest, adding that the most difficult moment for him at the club was the departure of the Argentine. It is perfectly clear to him that he Laporta he also ignores that he is nearing the end, and even joked about it, starting his address to the press with the famous Van Gaal sentence: "Good afternoon, friends from the media.” – whose sequel is "I’m leaving now. Good luck. ” still skipped.

By the way, he very clearly defended his Dutch colleague Simeon who at his press conference expressed respect and understanding for the "coach of a strong personality”, as he called it Kumana.

A few days ago, Luis Suares said in an interview with the daily Sport that a war was being fought in Barcelona, ​​to the detriment of the players. The Uruguayan is guaranteed the main role tonight, because for the first time he is facing the club in which he achieved the greatest fame and the greatest humiliation. We remind you that he has not yet had the opportunity to play against his former team – he missed last season’s match because of Kovid.

Suarez has found a new home where he looks good. He broke the painter in the Champions League, where he did not score away for 6 years, which gave him additional security in the uneven start he had this season. She does not intend to celebrate the goal against the Catalans and claims that they must not rely on Barcelona’s collapse, because its talented players can bring it back to life at any time.

But the old wounds did not heal. Pistolero now points his finger at Kumana, due to the contempt with which he told him that the team no longer needed him. "He sent me to train separately, on another field, as if I were a fifteen-year-old,” added the Uruguayan. And he strives for pride. ”The numbers say it all. I won two golden football boots in the era of the Messiah and Christian. I have never scored less than 20 goals per season in Barcelona. ” And regardless of the fact that he feels sorry for his former teammates and claims that he did not get angry, he breaks the impression from all the sentences that he sharpened his teeth.

Antoine Griezmann is, again, in his old home. In which he used to feel good. At the moment, he admits, he is not very comfortable. Atletico is no longer the same club he left two years ago and it takes some time to adjust. But the team and Mr. believe in him from the very beginning and against Milan we managed to catch a glimpse of the old man for a moment. Griezmann.

The inevitable question is always the position in which he plays. Simeon is, however, very clear in this regard: "A player is important for a team when he is able to play where the team needs him”, adding that he still believes that a footballer Griezmann’s the feature will have no problem adjusting wherever you place it.

It is possible that the Metropolitan will not whistle at him tonight. He is certainly given an ideal opportunity to confirm himself in front of the fans in his jubilee, 400th league match. On the other hand, neither to him, nor to us Suarez, there will be no lack of motivation.

In the Blaugrana team, it is unknown whether they will Kuman this time listen Laportu, to inform the players of Masija and the traditional formation, the greatest interest is aroused Ansu Fati. Regardless of the fact that he is slowly returning after a long injury and that it will not be an easy field for the young Metropolitano player, Ansu has intrigued most football fans in Spain with his talent and freshness.

As for the composition of the teams, for now it is known that he does not play in Atletico Kondogbia, the king of yellow cards, who has already amassed 5. They won’t show up either Mateus Kunja who was injured Thursday in training.

In Barcelona, Pedri does not train with a group and is not on Kumanovo list for tonight’s match, while returning to competition Jordi Alba.

By the way, Atletico has not lost any of the last three championship matches with Barça, but it has won only once in the last 11 matches played at home against the Catalan club. Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, and despite the bad impressions, is still undefeated in this season’s domestic competition. Regardless of the general impression, the statistics speak in favor of uncertainty.

And, after all, no matter what happens on the field, the twelfth player will surely prepare a show worth remembering for us.

It says: Ognjenka Marić


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