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StandUp Fest, an international stand-up comedy festival, is being held for the eleventh time in Belgrade, from October 12 to 17 at Ben Akiba and the Museum of Illusions.

The unique festival with a tradition of more than a decade, has so far brought many important world names of stand up comedy to Serbia, and this year, according to the situation, it is conceived as an overview of the most attractive premieres: the audience will have the opportunity to see five new comedian premieres. organization Of particular interest in connection with this year’s festival is that performances will be held, except in Ben Akiba, and in the Museum of Illusions.

"We will open the festival with a one man show by Nikola Radojlović, and we will close it in the Museum of Illusions, because we want to offer our audience something completely new. The Museum of Illusions is located in Nušićeva Street, our club is named after Nušić’s pseudonym, and we love symbolism almost as much as humor. ”They say in the organization

After the festival, these stand-ups will be on the regular repertoire of Ben Akiba, the only comedy club in Serbia.

Festival program:

October 12 at 8 pm: "Little inconvenience”, Nikola Radojlović one man show

October 13 at 8 pm: "Black Humor” Premiere of the new black humor

Nemanja Dimitrijevic, Ivan Nikolic, Nikola Radojlovic, Miso Babic, Radomir Nestorovic, Vuk Vujacic

October 14 at 8 pm: "No pressure!” Radomir Nestorović one man show

October 15 at 8 pm: "In process” Srđan Dinčić one man show

October 16 at 8 pm: "Humor as a concept” Jelena Radanović one woman show

October 17 at 8 pm: Closing of the festival and stand up at the Museum of Illusions, Belgrade

Performers: Jelena Radanović, Nikola Radojlović and Radomir Nestorović, museum tour and stand up performance

More information about StandUp Fest can be found at the link

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