Flora hit the wall in front of the road to Belgrade (VIDEO)

The title is still for Flora from Tallinn. While the leader Levadia continues to grind in a row, the green and whites stumbled today away against Tulevik – 2: 2.

The next rival of Partizan in the 2nd round of the Conference League lost 2: 0 until the 76th minute, but he managed to save at least one point, which will not mean much to him in the fight for the title.

What was seen from Flora in this match is that he persistently attacks on the flanks, that the players do not hesitate to send center shots into the penalty area as soon as they reach the height of the penalty area. They scored the first goal like that, a dog on the ground on a five-pointer, where he is Aliku literally from half a meter redirected football into the net. The second goal was mastery Kuska, who got the return ball some 25 meters from the goal and fired an arrow, and the ball bounced off the post into the goal.

After that, a real siege of Tulevik’s penalty area was seen, he missed the best chance for a goal to win. Somets, with a header from the top five after a cross from the left.

Tulevik also scored his two goals in the space of only four minutes. The first was the head from the top five, where Flora’s defense left Jukama completely alone, and the other was from the penalty spot, which was caused by the right back Luka, who was overtaken by the opposing wing at a short distance.

In general, Flora should by no means be too difficult an opponent for Partizan, he plays quite slow football, where he is a veteran Vasiljev in charge of organizing the game and distributing the balls.

Flora played in the lineup: Igonen – Luka, Sepik, Kusk, Kalaste – Somets, Miller – Zenjov, Vasiljev, Aliku – Sapinen.


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