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Today, Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić attended a public lesson held by the famous Argentine ballet master Julio Boca at the National Dance Foundation, and on that occasion pointed out that it is a great honor for us that he is in Belgrade these days.

– Here he works with our children in the ballet school Aje Jung, and after Belgrade he goes to the Milan scale where he will stage "Don Quixote”. I am very happy that such great stars and pedagogues come to our city because they are a role model for the young generations who can learn from them, and on the other hand they will popularize dance and ballet. Julio Boka is in Belgrade for the first time and I see that he is full of impressions, and he has an open invitation from us to come again. When we have a good and world-famous festival in our country, then the world’s biggest stars come – said Vesić and pointed out that he is proud of the Belgrade Game Festival, which the City of Belgrade supports.

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That festival brings quality to Belgrade, Vesić assessed and reminded that we had the first performance of the New York City Ballet within the festival, which they held after the pandemic, and not only them but also many others.

– This festival promotes Belgrade and puts it on the artistic map of the world, which is why it makes sense to invest in festivals and culture – said Vesić.

Photo: Beoinfo

As before, the city will continue to support those festivals that bring quality, something new and promote our art in the world. In the end, Vesić said that he wants a Belgrade that is open, where the world’s biggest stars come, which is developing not only in the industrial and architectural sense, but also in the artistic sense.

The founder and artistic director of the Belgrade Dance Festival, Aya Jung, also stated that the arrival of one of the greatest ballet stars of our time is an exceptional part.

Photo: Beoinfo

– Julio Boka is part of one of the most important chapters in ballet history, which is why it is an honor for him to work with children from Belgrade, Pancevo, Novi Sad, as well as children from Croatia and Bosnia who came to Belgrade. This is a very important step in the popularization of the art game – she said and thanked the artist for accepting her invitation to come to our country.

Julio Boca pointed out that he is happy to be here.

– I had my first class yesterday and I was excited and nervous because as a professor I always want to have a good relationship with children. I came to share part of my experience with them and I hope that this will not be the last time I am here – said Boka and promised that ballet work in our country will help whenever he can.

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