Friday in Serie A: Cagliari – Venice, the worst defense against the worst attack

(From MOZZART Sport correspondent in Rome)

Cagliari has not yet felt the sweetness of victory this season, and the almanacs say that the club from Sardinia has not beaten Venice in Serie A since 1966.

No change on the Cagliari bench, Walter Macari inherited Leonard Semplici, did not bring the expected results. Macari After the initial draw with Lazio at the Olympics, he suffered two defeats, from Empoli to Sardinia Arena and from Napoli.

Also, in the previous three matches in front of their audience, the team from Sardinia avoided defeat only in the match with Spezia, while Genoa and Empoli left the island singing. Cagliari has not started such a bad championship since the 2006/2007 season, when he waited eight rounds for his first victory. If it is a consolation, in that season, he saved his first league status by finishing the championship in 17th place.


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Venice have, so far, beaten only Empoli away and won a point at their stadium against Turin last Monday. The main problem of the team Paola Zanetija are goals. In the first six games, they shook the net only four times. Cagliari’s problem is not so much inefficiency as the number of goals conceded, as many as 15, or two and a half goals per match. All in all, this will be a clash of the most porous defense and the fiercest attack.

Macari should return to his classic 3-5-2 line-up tonight, which gives him more strength in the defensive phase. The former coach of Napoli and Inter asked the Cagliari fans for a little patience and promised that the first visible results of his work would come to the surface after the October break in the championship.


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Both coaches have a lot of doubts about the team that will run tonight at the premiere of the seventh round of Serie A, so there will be possible surprises until the last moment. Macari will not be able to count on the injured Dalberta, as well as on Cepitelija, so we’ll see a Greek on the left side Likoyanisa

CALJARI (3-5-2): Carnio – Caceres, Godin, Carboni – Nandez, Marin, Strootman, Deiola, Lycoyanis – Joao Pedro, Keita.

VENICE (4-3-3): Menpa – Macoki, Svoboda, Cecaroni, Molinaro – Crnigoj, Fjordilino, Buzio – Okereke, Henri, Johnsen.



20.45 (1.95) Cagliari (3.50) Venice (4.40)


15.00 (2.95) Salernitana (3.25) Genoa (2.60)

18.00 (4.40) Torino (3.50) Juventus (1.95)

20.45 (4.90) Sassuolo (4.00) Inter (1.75)


12.30 (3.25) Bologna (3.50) Lazio (2.30)

15.00 (2.25) Sampdoria (3.40) Udinese (3.45)

15.00 (1.75) Verona (3.80) La Spezia (5.20)

18.00 (3.80) Fiorentina (3.60) Napoli (2.05)

18.00 (1.48) Roma (4.60) Empoli (7.50)

20.45 (2.30) Atalanta (3.50) Milan (3.25)


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