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Today, the Deputy Mayor visited the agricultural farm of the Markovic family from Sopot, at the invitation of the host Dobrica Markovic, and on that occasion stated that this is an example of a successful household that has been engaged in fruit growing for generations.

– We are located only forty kilometers from Belgrade, the air is fresh and the nature is beautiful, people are engaged in agriculture. We pointed out to them the possibility to participate in city subsidies for farmers. This year, the City of Belgrade set aside around 190 million dinars for that purpose, and the plan for next year is around three hundred million dinars, while eight years ago that amount was 10.12 million. We are trying to help our farmers because we are the most important agricultural region in Serbia after Vojvodina with 250 thousand hectares of arable land – said Vesić.

He announced that in the new development strategy of Belgrade in 2030, agriculture will occupy one of the four key places in the development of the city. The plan, Vesić added, is to help further the development of agriculture and the production of healthy food, so that farmers can live decently from their work. In order for all that to be as it should be, it is necessary to do the infrastructure, and the roads, and the sewerage, the water in the parts of the city that have arable land.

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– I am happy that our vision of a successful Belgrade is slowly being realized, because when you enter a household like this, you see that it is so – said Vesić.

Dobrica Markovic expressed satisfaction with the visit of Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic, as well as the mayor Zivorad Milosavljevic, who, as he stated, is friends with all the locals. He specified that this family has been engaged in fruit growing for generations, and mostly grows plums, apricots and cherries.

Markovic also pointed out that he would apply for city subsidies for the purchase of new machinery, ie tractors.

Source: Beoinfo

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