Guti offers Laporti? I have no problem training Barça

Give what you give …

He fantasized Guti to become the coach of Real Madrid after playing days, in which he spent almost his entire career, but it is unlikely that that will happen. The toy legend of the Royal Club talked about that last spring. The doors of the Santiago Bernabeu are for Gutija closed, but he didn’t close them …

Obvious Guti not on the same wavelengths with the leading people of the Royal Club (read by Florentino Perez), he has stopped hoping, and is desperately looking for a new job since he finished the episode in Almeria. Well, it seems that he wouldn’t even mind sitting on the bench of a club that is in disarray, a club where pipes are bursting, and confidential information from a girl, a club that is the sworn enemy of his Real. Simply – on the Barcelona bench.

It is being bid for weeks on who will inherit Ronald Kuman on the Barcelona bench, but the Dutchman is still at the helm. It is questionable how he manages the Catalan giant while the noose hangs around his neck, but he doesn’t worry too much, because in case of dismissal, he protected himself with a clause. He is waiting to be fired, or to continue living until Joanna Laporti the film doesn’t crack, he hits the table with his fist and says: "Enough is enough!”

Kanjizares: Kuman is the worst coach I have had

But for that to happen, the president of Barcelona would have to find a solution for the bench that would not eat the little church he can set aside for a new coach. And while the auction lasts, one name is only imposed. Gura Guti himself in the shop window, crying out for a new challenge, so let him be on the Blaugrana bench as well. Let life go.

"Why not? Every coach wants to do the job, to show what he knows and teach others something new. I have no problem running Barcelona.”, he said Guti.

They say that where there is smoke, there is fire.

Would you Guti in addition to all the listed candidates was a good choice and someone who would put out the fire at Camp Nou?


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