Handball execution in Banjica: Partizan blew up Zeleznicar 32 points

It was known even before the start of the championship that Partizan would make a team ready to fight for the title, to break the long domination of Vojvodina. It was also known that Zeleznicar was not what he was, but this difference on the field is definitely something unnoticed for a long time.

Partizan handball players outclassed Zeleznicar in the match of the 2nd round of the Arcus League with 32 goals difference! Without mercy, from the first to the last minute, the black and whites played and at the end of the match, the scoreboard read 45:13!

A big difference in the class was seen from the start of the game. Partizan took an express lead of 5: 2, then 10: 5, and that difference only grew from minute to minute, so that it would be 21: 7 at half time.

Although it was clear that the victory could not escape their hands, the black and whites continued to play in the same rhythm in the continuation of the game until the final +32.

All Partizan handball players, except the goalkeeper, of course, signed up as scorers, and they were the most efficient. Uroš Kojadinović with seven goals, Nikola Ivanović at six, Martin Varga i Nikola Zecevic at five.


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