Humanitarian ticket at noon: Nemanja Ćeranić is betting on the treatment of Veljko Savić

He played basketball until he was twenty until he enrolled at the FDA. Today, he plays football recreationally with his friends. He had a sports role model in Larry Bird. He carries Manchester United in the heart of the fans. Of the sporting events that remained in his memory and that he will remember for the rest of his life, the World Basketball Championship from 2002 was definitely engraved and gold was won. For animal or sports motto Nemanja Zeranic says:"Attack is the best defense”.

About our today’s noble guest we add: Nemanja is a director and editor. And for Ćeranić there are the works "Grupa”, "Švindleri”, EKIPIZZA in which he participated, but the works "Lihvar”, "Volja sinovljeva” and "Kljun” must not be left out. The series "Beak” was in the selection of ten series that will be presented to viewers this year in Cannes. The series is the first Serbian series to be selected by the prestigious international series festival in Cannes. It is a crime series directed Jelena Gavrilović (also participants in Mozart’s Humanitarian Ticket) and Uroš Tomić … Among others, the roles of the interpreter Ljiljana Blagojevic (participants in Mozart’s Humanitarian Ticket) and Mićko Ljubičić.

It is time for our guest to play the Humanitarian Ticket at noon. At 18.45 they play Atalanta – Young Boys. Injuries decimated the club from Switzerland, while the team from Bergamo plays without two players, one with a broken leg, the other with a muscle injury. In the last four games, Atalanta played a draw twice, and celebrated twice. The match with Inter ended 2: 2. It is obvious that Young Boys has a sufficient fund of players when they celebrated nine times in the last 10 games, and once played a draw.

“KMB 1 & 2 +”.

Three games start at 9 pm, we start from the duel Benfica – Barcelona. Group E, in which Benfica has a point, and Barça is with a 3-0 defeat by Bayern. The Portuguese have not lost in the last 10 games either. After the defeat by the Bavarians in the Champions League, the Catalans have two draws and a 3-0 triumph. The mutual score is 0: 3: 3.

“TGGgg3 +”.

In Turin Juventus welcomes Chelsea. The old lady has three win victories with Milan, watching the last four games. Plavci achieved four victories and suffered a minimal defeat from City. Rivals met four times with a score of 1: 2: 1. Juventus’ last victory over Chelsea is 3-0. In group "H”, the teams have three points each, and the weakened ones enter the clash.

"I’m going to two.”

And in the end, Nemanja chooses a couple Salzburg – Lille. The home team is weakened, and the French are without one player. Salzburg has not been defeated in over the last 15 matches. Lille won the last two games with 2: 1. All four clubs in Group G have one point each.

“UG 3+”, ends typing Nemanja Zeranic which directs the potential gain for the treatment of Veljko Savić (2017). In the third month, he loses his breath and stays in the hospital for numerous examinations. After a long time, the diagnosis obtained from the German genetic house reads: incurable disease. After numerous difficult and exhausting exercises, gradual work and persistence give very little results. Veljko is cheerful, understands the child, aware of the environment. Let’s help Veljko! By sending an SMS: 739 to 3030. By payment to the dinar account: 160 – 555327 – 70.

If at this point let’s draw the line MOZZART, only through a charity ticket, donated the amount of 21,784,857 dinars.

For UDUS, with the help of our famous actors and the play "Balkan Spy”, Mozzart provided three and a half million dinars.

We remind you of MOZZART – these noble bettors in the "Humanitarian ticket at noon” with amounts of over 100,000 dinars. These are: Andrea Trinkijeri, Ivan Jovic, Strahinja Gavrilovic, Vanja Bulic, Momcilo Bajagic, Uros Tripkovic, Radomir Antic, Vojin Cetkovic, Vojkan Borisavljevic, Zdravko Colic, Jovan Maljokovic, Nenad Stojmenovic, Sara Sakradzija, Milan Caci Mihailovic, Milos Teodosic, Danica Ristovski Ilic, Marko Tejic, Srdjan Vasiljevic, Milica Mandic, Branislav Trifunovic, Predrag Miljus, Dragana Cvijic, Boris Rezak, Dusko Pijetlovic, Prof. Branko Djurovic, Dusko Nikolic, Zoran Vujicic, Milan Pavkov, Ana Jokovic, Ivica Surjak, Emir Kusturica, Aleksandar Sreckovic, Nikola Miskovic, Dejan Miskovic, Zoran Visic, Ljubisa Stojanovic, Milan Macvan, Nenad Brnovic, Ivan Paunic, Dejan Ristic, Milena Pavlovic Čučilović, Antun Novaković, Pero Antić, Ivan Ivković, Bryce Jones, Nebojša Vučićević, Darko Tešović, Aleksandar Simetrija Đorđević, Zoran Njeguš, Milan Zelen, Predrag Jeremić, Igor Gluščević, Slavoljub Krnjinac, Mirko Milikić, Mladen Krstajić, Vanja Savić, Vladimir Lučić , Danilo Nikolic, Olja Levic, Milovan Cirkovic, Danilo Andjusic, Zoran Moka Slavnic, Marko Bacovic, Radivoje Lale Bojicic, Vladimir Jocovic, Goran Bjelogrlic, Nenad Nerandzic, Bojan Todorovic, Momir Rnic junior, Milica Zaric, Dusan Markovic, Zarko Paspalj, Boris Pingović, Miloslav Samardzic, Vuk Saletovic, Ivana Ilic,, Damir Mikec,, Nina Radovanović,, Bianca Bush,, Petar Grašo,,

Strahinja Rasovic, Predrag Kolarevic and Stefana Veljković.

There are company donations that go to RS.

If our guest’s humanitarian ticket "passes”, the prize will be donated to Association of parents and children at home KATALEA, Banja Luka. Namely, the company MOZZART donates a payment of 50 convertible marks every day, and the eventual profit goes to the humanitarian organization chosen by the participants.

The quotas were current at the time of compiling the Humanitarian Ticket at noon!

In the event of a change in the date of the match, the result achieved is considered complete if the match is played within 50 hours of the time specified in the betting offer. In case the sports competition is not held within 50 hours, the odds for the event are calculated 1.


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