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In one of the editions of the show "Amidži show”, the host Jovana Jeremić was a guest, among other things.

When asked by the host whether she would rather have the primary school she attended be named after her one day or to be the owner and editor of the most watched television in Serbia, she answered:

– Uh, dead race. Listen, considering that I suffered so much in that school, experienced so much trauma, it would be right for at least that school to be named after me, after the martyr Jovana Jeremić – the leader begins and adds:

– Education is important to me, and I propagate it in public. They are angry at me for waving state diplomas, but I will wave to death as I said, they would wave too if they could. They don’t wave diplomas from private faculties, but exclusively with state ones, such November people know what I’m talking about. I will always wave, so goodbye, nice and thank you, wave and you, if I bother you, change the channel – says Jovana.

When asked if she would rather have a bad s ** s for the rest of her life or not at all, Jovana answered the following:

– I have to love a man so that I can sleep with someone, it’s not worth it, I couldn’t be with someone if it wasn’t for that, I do it with my soul, it wouldn’t be me. I am an artist in bed as well as at work – Jeremić reveals at the end.

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