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The plays "I enchanted you” from Iran and Belgium and "Cement Belgrade” from Serbia won the Grand Prix "Mira Trailović” at the double 54th and 55th editions of the BITEF theater festival, which ended last night.

The international jury provided an explanation for the choreographic piece "I bewitched you”, where he says that this stage work absolutely fascinated the audience of Bitef, in which three dancers are under threat from the dominant drone as an equal character in the drama.

The play was staged by choreographer Ehsan Hemat, produced by the "2nd to the righ” troupe from Brussels and Tehran. The author thanked for the award and expressed satisfaction that he is a laureate at such an important international theater festival.

"Cement Belgrade” was directed for the Belgrade Drama Theater by a guest from Slovenia, Sebastian Horvat, while the two-chapter drama is based on the work of Heiner Miller, adapted by Milan Markovic.

The expert jury evaluated the play as a strong, dynamic and exciting whole, a top work of art by the director and his entire team, which he narrates from the rave to the grave.

Two "Mira Trailović” awards were given because this was a double edition of BITEF, so that almost all other awards were double.

Photo: Tanjug / Milos Milivojevic

The special award "Jovan Chirilov” was also given to two plays – "Farm Fatale” directed by Philip Ken, produced by Vivarium Studio from Paris and Minchner Kamerspile from Munich, as well as the Zoom project "Cherry in cherry” according to Chekhov, directed by Bob Jelčić, company "De facto” from Zagreb.

The mentioned Croatian director, whose play "Why did Mr. R go crazy?” a hit in JDP, he also won a special "Politika” award for best director.

The main Politika award for directing was won by the celebrated Belgian director and choreographer Wim Vandekejbus for a rarely extraordinary play, the spectacle "Traces” of his troupe "Ultima vez” from Brussels, Belgium.

The spectacle "Traces” won the second prize of the audience, the third prize went to the mentioned "Farm Fatale”, and according to the results, the audience liked the play "As if the end is not quite close” directed by Nikola Zavisic, produced by Bitef Theater in Belgrade.

The Belgrade International Theater Festival BITEF, as the 54th and 55th editions, lasted from September 13 to 25, where 12 performances in the Main Competition Program were performed in many areas.

Performances from Belgium, Iran, France, Chile, Mexico, Germany, Croatia were guests. Also, many performances from the accompanying program of Bitef Polyphony and Cirkobalkan were shown.

The award ceremony was held at the Dorcol Platz Cultural Center on the eve of the Belgrade Wine Week event.

Source: Tanjug

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