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Multi-instrumentalist Slobodan Trkulja is a guest of the new episode of the video series Tanjug Reflektor in which he reveals that he ordered special instruments from Crete for the performance with his band Balkanopolis as part of the presentation of Serbia at the World Exhibition "Expo 2020 Dubai”

Trkulja does not hide his enthusiasm because of the opportunity to present with his band at the most important world event this year.

"In the long history of holding the world exhibition, the Kingdom of Serbia was one of the first exhibitors… Nikola Tesla was there… We have the experience of performing at the Expo exhibition. We were in Nagoya in 2005 with a project from BiH because Serbia did not represent itself then. We also performed in 2010 in Shanghai and set a kind of record for visiting the Expo exhibition because 30 thousand people saw us in 4 days ", said Trkulja.

According to the announcements from the organization of the World Exhibition in Dubai, this is the most modern event in the world in terms of technological innovations and exchange of ideas.

"Organized by the platform” Serbia creates "Serbia presents itself in Dubai under the slogan” Inspired by the past, we shape the future ". So far in his career, an event has been organized as well as it is the case with the presentation of Serbia in Dubai ", said Trkulja and added that the platform” Serbia creates "brings together the best of the creative sector in Serbia.

According to him, in addition to musicians, electronics, IT industry experts, innovators and scientists travel to Dubai.

“We have finally gathered around a tribal idea and a state platform. The presentation of Serbia in Dubai will be one of the best international results of the "Serbia creates” platform. Some kind of the best scope of cultural diplomacy ", said Trkulja.

For the performance in Dubai, which is scheduled for December, Trkulja is preparing surprises in the form of musical treats with the members of the band Balkanopolis.

"We will introduce several technological innovations in the performance. We will use technology that was not available to us until four years ago. We will present the musical tradition of Serbs wherever they lived… From Lika and Kosovo and Metohija, for example…. I ordered several instruments from the Greek island of Crete in order to further enrich our concert. There are people there who are able to make instruments, "Trkulja emphasized.

Source: Tanjug

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