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We haven’t had the opportunity to see Serbian actress Zlata Numanagić (70) often on small screens lately, and in the series "Nemanjićima” we watched her a little over four years ago.

The role of Lola Golubović in "Happy People” marked her life, and in the series she replaced Tanja Bošković, who originally interpreted this character.

In "Nemanjići”, she played the aunt of Stefan the First-Crowned and the sister of Kulin Ban’s wife.

– There are few roles that suit my age and I am glad that the director Marko Marinković remembered and invited me, although I have already successfully collaborated with him – said Zlata Numanagić about her character at the time.

Zlata is still involved in acting, so she recently made the film "Not everything is as it seems”, while for a couple of years her big source of income was – from abroad.

Numanagic, who has a son, Fedor, opened a restaurant in Albania with a friend, and spoke on several occasions about how satisfied she was with her private business.

– It is an invaluable experience and it cannot be compared to any profession that I have been doing so far. I know a lot of people thought we had trouble opening a restaurant there, but that’s nonsense. People welcomed us with open arms. They are kind people. From the police, to the disinsection service, through the bank, to the neighbors who are hoteliers, everyone helped us. If we are missing something, they would drive us shopping – she said on one occasion, while she finally gave up this business.

In addition to the mentioned achievements, Zlata also shone in "Return of the written off”, "Theater in the house” and "My cousin from the village”, while she once pointed out that she will never leave the acting profession, and lately she has devoted herself to her family.

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