It’s time for Atletico to lose – Alaves beat him with his weapon

Corner kick, header in the 4th minute and successful defense until the end of the game. Most would probably think that this is the way Atletico Madrid beat Alaves, but it was actually the other way around – 1: 0 (1: 0).

In that way, Alaves suffered the first defeat of the season, laid down his arms in Vitoria and once again showed that flowers do not bloom in the ranks of the Quilters, especially when it comes to attack.

The current champion simply did not play at the championship level, he seemed unconvincing in the attack and that cost him dearly.

He received a goal from Atletico in the 4th minute, he had the opportunity to turn the whole match around and failed. The team is expected Diego Simeone had more possession of the ball, a total of 12 shots, but only one of them within the goal.

To make everything even more interesting, this is Alaves’ first victory of the season. In fact, these are his first points of the season.

Alaves could have celebrated even more convincingly that he used the chances, while Atletico asked for a penalty in the last minute for playing with his hand, but … He was not awarded.

They found themselves in Atletico’s rush hour Griezmann i Suarez, but … That didn’t work. The general impression is that it is just Angel Korea made some sort of trouble for Alaves’ defense. Too little.

Atletico remained on 14 points from seven games, while Real Madrid is on 16 points and has one match less. Real Sociedad is also less in the game and has collected 13 points so far.



Alaves – Atletico Madrid 1: 0 (1: 0)

/ Lagardija 4 /

16.15: (2.95) Valencia (3.10) Athletic Bilbao (2.75)

18.30: (1.60) Sevilla (3.80) Espanyol (7.25)

21.00: (1.55) Real Madrid (4.40) Villarreal (6.50)


14.00: (2.75) Mallorca (3.05) Osasuna (3.00)

16.15: (1.47) Barcelona (4.70) Levante (7.50)

18.30: (1.70) Rayo Vallecano (3.70) Cadiz (5.90)

18.30: (1.50) Real Sociedad (4.20) Elche (8.00)

21.00: (1.85) Betis (3.50) Getafe (5.00)


21.00: (1.70) Celta (3.80) Granada (5.70)

*** Quotas are subject to change


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