It’s time for Griezmann to move to the bench

Patience slowly betrays Diego Simeone. He believed Antoine Griezmann, gave him a chance, but as everything in life, let alone sports, has limits, so the returnee to Atletico will move to the bench and start the match of the second round of the Champions League, away to Milan on Tuesday night.

Unofficially, however, the Spanish media assure that the Argentine expert decided to remove the Frenchman from the first 11, because he failed to contribute to the results of the Quilters since signing on the last day of the transfer window. He played five games and did not enter the list of scorers in one of them. Moreover, he was left without an assist, and the devastating effect gained in importance if it is known that in 305 minutes he did not enter a single chance, he did not threaten any goalkeeper with a shot within the goal.

According to the information And with i Stamps, partner inviolable Luis Suarez on San Siro it will be Angel Korea, which makes sense if it is known that the Argentine scored three goals in the first two rounds of the Primera. It wasn’t as effective later, but it certainly left a better impression than Griezmann. Although, you should know that your teammates believe Antoine.

"I don’t worry about him. He is not alone on the field, we all play and we all have to be at the highest possible level to compete like last season. Griezmann will start scoring goals, because he is a quality point guard and enjoys the trust of each of us. Antoine is not a problem. We must remain united. Griezmann himself is not the type who will shoot at any cost, his team is above everything ", warns the captain Koke.

Let us remind you, Atletico cannot count on a match with the Rossoneri Stefan Savić, the Montenegrin stopper was ruled out against Chelsea last season, and is still serving a penalty, which is why Simeon considers whether to play in a standard setup with four defenders or to try a variant with three in the back line.


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