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Actress Iva Ilinčić, like many of her colleagues, admits that she regularly visits a psychotherapist.

– Going to psychotherapy is a normal thing and one should not be ashamed of it. I think that absolutely all people from our society should do that. I’ve been going to therapy for almost a year and a half and I’m great. I adore the woman I go to. In the acting business, this is completely normal. Many of my colleagues go to a psychotherapist.

The only things he fears are loneliness and darkness.

– I’m afraid of loneliness. Not in a physical sense, but from not having a family and being alone once. That is my biggest fear. And if we are a little more specific, I am afraid of the dark and I always have the light on at home.

She believes that she did everything she did at the right time and she does not regret anything.

– I think everything happens for a reason. Maybe for some things I did then, it seemed to me that I didn’t need to, but later it turned out to be the opposite. So I don’t regret them.

Photo: Tanjug / Zoran Žestić

She is emotionally fulfilled.

– There is love in my life. I have a boyfriend with whom I have been in a relationship for two years.

She wants to star in a movie.

– I would like to continue to build in the theater and play in a movie, because I haven’t tried it there yet. This is the time when series have taken precedence, and I adore movies. In the series "Toma”, I play Slavica, the first great love of the famous singer, but not in the film. Now more strong female characters are being written compared to the past, which is why I am indescribably glad, so I want to get the opportunity to interpret some, as the actors would say, juicy heroine, to have "meat”, to be potent, as well as reading some amazing script or dramatization that would knock me off my feet, but there is time for everything. I believe that everyone has their own path and opportunity, it is important to stay diligent.

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