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Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić said goodbye to Ivan Tasovac, saying that he never left anyone indifferent and that they are such great people.

– He was original, witty, talented, communicative, smiling. He gave himself a seemingly impossible task. To teach people to love classics. Everyone else would give up. He is not. He was persistent. He didn’t choose the way. From baby classics to the Philharmonic’s performance in public places. And he succeeded.

When we came out of the state of emergency last year due to the epidemic, he came to me on the first day to inform me that he would play with the Philharmonic in parks and other public places. He wanted people to forget the restrictions and live life to the fullest again. It was wonderful to watch him conduct in parks and squares while his music was listened to by mothers with children, retirees who went for a walk and housewives returning from the market. He believed that music belonged to everyone.

People like him leave too early whenever they leave. And Tasa left very, very, very early. Only he knows how many more wonderful concerts he wanted to leave us. Like the one a few years ago in Usce, when over fifty thousand people listened to classics in the open. He was preparing a similar concert, once canceled, for next summer. Only a few days ago, we talked about the concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic with songs from Disney movies in Usce.

Tasin’s dream was the building of the Philharmonic in Usce. There wasn’t a door he didn’t knock on to make it happen. Our obligation is for his dream to become reality and for Belgrade to get the Philharmonic as he imagined it. I’m not crying, and my heart is breaking. Tasa wouldn’t let us cry. He would humorously explain to us why he left. I hope that he left this departure with the intention of holding a concert in the sky. And to wait for us there one day with music. Rest in peace, my friend – Vesić wrote on his Facebook profile.

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