Ivanic: We scouted them from all angles, we were tactically perfect

Mirko Ivanić also knew about better games on the European scene, but the experienced midfielder will bring back fond memories from Razgrad. Despite the fact that he could have reacted better in two situations, the midfielder of the red and whites emphasizes the great collective game.

"We played a tactically perfect game and without any dilemma – we deserved the victory. We had more chances, we were more specific and Kanga’s goal came at the right time. It was obvious that we were well prepared for the match, we scanned them in the right way, good scouting was done and all that was shown on the field. "I am happy because of the victory, now we are turning to Metalac, because the championship is very important for us,” he said is Ivanic.

After two games played, the Red Star is the first in Group F with six points won.

"I am proud of the fact that we are the first in the group after two matches played, but there is still to be played, we are not even halfway there. Midtjylland is waiting for us, then two games at home and another away game. However, I am extremely glad that we are the leaders in the group, I would like it to stay that way, I think we are able to do that. " Ivanic concluded.


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