Kite: The Moldovan champion has no place in the Champions League; Sheriff’s Coach: I’m glad we destroyed his perfect world

A team like Sheriff has nothing to look for in the Champions League. In the signature: Dirk Kite. Many would sign that statement, few believed that the Sheriff could reach the elite at all… A, then the Red Star and Dinamo happened. The eternal champion of Moldova brought the scent of the Champions League to Transnistria. Then Dirk Kite dragged, but after the sensational triumph of the Sheriff at the Santiago Bernabeu, he could not…

On the way to the historical participation of a Moldovan club in the Champions League, the sheriff expelled the Albanian Teuta, the Armenian Alashkert, and the already mentioned Red Star and Zagreb’s Dinamo. And he didn’t stop there, and Dirk Kite’s statements came back like a boomerang.

The former player of Liverpool, Feyenoord and Fenerbahce was unequivocal before the match between Sheriff and Dinamo on RTL7, where he was invited as an analyst – the Sheriff has no place in the Champions League.

"With all due respect, because I know that the Champions League is a competition for champions, but a club like the Sheriff has nothing to do there.” he said Dirk Kite.

Not only has the Sheriff entered the Champions League, but after two rounds he has a maximum of six points – he beat Shakhtar and Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. After an incredible feat, the coach of the team from Transnistria, Juri Vernidub, took the opportunity to stab the Dutchman. And remind him of what was said at the end of August.

"Some big players have said there is no place in the Champions League for teams like the Sheriff,” the Ukrainian coach quoted a statement Kite race and added:

"We have a place here and we are proving it. I am very happy that we managed to destroy the perfect world of Dirk Kite. I am very happy for my players. We worked a miracle and won. We have four more games to play and we have a long way to go, but we will see where we will be on December 7, after the match in Ukraine against Shakhtar ", he said Vernidub.

Already after the triumph of the Sheriff over Shakhtar Dirk Kite withdrew… Debelo failed with the forecast.

"I’m glad they proved me wrong and that was well deserved. We’ll be attending the Sheriff’s game soon, won’t we, Wes?” he said Dirk Kite fellow analyst Wesley Snyder.

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