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The president of the Social Democratic Party, Dardan Molićaj, says that the so-called prime minister. Kosovo’s Albin Kurti defeated because he renounced the sovereignty of the southern province.

As he points out, Kurti accepted Serbia as a shareholder in Kosovo because he talks with it about, as he says, internal issues, and he also accepted the legitimacy of UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

Molicaj reacted on Facebook to yesterday’s statement by the Deputy Prime Minister of self-proclaimed Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, that the agreement on license plates with Belgrade is close. He stated that Kurti’s government "gave legitimacy to parallel structures in the north of Kosovo” and confirmed Kosovo’s renunciation of its sovereignty due to, as he states, enabling the use of KM license plates in the north, which will be confiscated only if they move to the south.

Photo: Facebook Printscreen / Dardan Molliqaj

Molicaj says that in that way, Kurti’s government treats the north as a special area where there is no sovereignty. Regarding Bislimi’s allegations that Rosso will withdraw from the crossing and will be replaced by KFOR, Molicaj says that means handing over sovereignty to KFOR.

"The legal basis of KFOR in Kosovo is Resolution 1244, which sees Kosovo as part of Serbia. "The transfer of sovereignty to KFOR means that Kurti’s government recognizes the legitimacy of Resolution 1244,” Molićaj wrote.

He also stated that Kurti thus deprived the Kosovo police of the right to stay in the north.

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