Libertadores finals are played by the richest: I knocked out Barmen’s Flamengo Ferrari with four goals (VIDEO)

The victory of the Sheriff from Tiraspol against Real Madrid showed us that football can make money completely irrelevant, but there is no mistake in South America. Two financially most powerful clubs in South America – Palmeiras and Flamengo – will fight for the Libertadores trophy on November 27 at the Uruguayan Sentenari. So for the third year in a row, the cup will be lifted by the Brazilian club. Verdao won a place in the final yesterday, eliminating Atletico Mineiro thanks to the away goal rule, while Flamengo, in a duel deprived of any uncertainty, showed Ecuador’s Barcelona who is the boss – 0: 2 (4: 0 in total).

All 180 minutes of fighting carries the thrust Bruna Enrikea, a man who literally knocked down the most trophy-winning Ecuadorian club on his own. Barcelona conceded two goals in both games, and each time the 30-year-old offensive player pulled the trigger from the other side. The man gets an inexhaustible source of inspiration when the Torreros are found across the street, and during his career he scored more often only against Ateltiko Paranaense (11 goals). From tonight’s two, Bruno came up with six goals in the same number of matches against Barcelona. This club did something bad to him in his past life.

If the Rubro-negroes raise the cup intended for the ruler of the Green Continent at the end of November, it is known on whose account the greatest merits will fall. A duo Gabigol – Bruno Enrique has scored 17 goals this season and scored eight goals for Flamengo in Libertadores. The dominance goes back three years, and this is clearly seen through the fact that in that period, these two scored 36 of the 72 goals of the greats from Rio de Janeiro!

Barcelona failed to recover from the injury David Louise who left the field in the tenth minute. Instead of being the first to reach the goal and bring uncertainty to the rematch in front of his audience, he prevented it. Enrique. Everton Ribeiro sent a dog through the heart of the defense, Gabigol was offside but did not activate, a Enrique ran out, walked around the goalkeeper and slowly finished the action.

Ribeiro At the beginning of the second part, he decided to make the most of the fact that there is a man in the team with a Ferrari engine in his legs. Enrique ran, and Flamengo Week shared the balls. Another timely dog ​​and a new routine execution. True, congratulations for the triumph and placement in the finals deserved not only the shooter and assistant, but also the goalkeeper Diego Alves who collected five saves in the first half. In the continuation, there was a need to react only once.

They celebrate Rubro-Negri and go to the finals knowing that they are led there by a man who became the champion of the South American continent on two occasions. Renato Portalupi he did so in 1983 as a Grammy player and in 2017 as the coach of the giants from Porto Alegre. Now is the time to write in golden letters in Flamengo’s history, but no one but the defender of the Palmeiras trophy stands in his way. Verdao will defend him with his life, and the one who celebrates will win the third cup of Libertadores in the club’s history.



Atletico Mineiro – Palmeiras 1: 1 (0: 0) / first match 0: 0 /

/ Vargas 52 – Dudu 68 /


Barcelona Guayaquil – Flamengo 0: 2 (0: 1) / first match 0: 2 /

/ Enrique 18, 50 /


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