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Assistant Mayor of Belgrade Andreja Mladenović attended today at the Youth Center the opening of the manifestation "Days of Russian Children’s Film 2021 – Fairy Tales of Childhood”.

The traditional event is organized by the City of Belgrade in cooperation with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Belgrade and the International Fund for the Unity of Orthodox Peoples, with the production organization of the Youth Theater "Dadov”.

Mladenović reminded that in previous years, the Russian Children’s Film Festival had a significant interest of the domestic audience.

– Films teach the youngest to be strong individuals, but also people who appreciate the importance of the community and society – Mladenović pointed out.

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As he emphasized, the festival additionally upgrades the good relations between the Russian and Serbian people.

– I hope that the youngest will enjoy all the forms offered, as well as that this enjoyment will grow into friendship with the Russian people. We will try, together with our friends from Russia, to continue with such programs and upgrade the existing ties between the two nations – Mladenović concluded.

Alexander Konanikhin, Cultural Attaché of the Russian Federation in Belgrade, also emphasized the importance of such and similar manifestations for the development of relations between the two nations. He reminded that the manifestation "Days of Russian spiritual culture” was organized in Belgrade last week.

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– We consider this festival a continuation of the "Days of Russian Culture” in Belgrade. Serbian audiences know Russian culture well, especially movies. We want Serbian children to meet with Russian culture and cinematography – stated Konanjihin and thanked the City of Belgrade for organizing the festival.

"Days of Russian Children’s Film” introduces viewers to elements of traditional Russian culture, Russian language and literature. According to the organizers, the audience will have the opportunity to get acquainted with feature, documentary and animated films, shot in Russian studios for children and youth. The films talk about upbringing, traditional and family values, as well as patriotism and preservation of the spirituality of the Slavic peoples, according to the organizers.

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