Mayor of Bolton visits North West Warriors Martial Arts Centre

MARTIAL arts experts staged a demonstration for the borough’s first citizen.

Mayor of Bolton Cllr Linda Thomas visited North West Warriors Martial Arts Centre, based just off Bury Road, near Breightmet recently.

She found out more about the family run full-time martial arts centre and how it supported its students during lockdowns and the pandemic.

Cllr Thomas watched a demonstration before speaking to students and hearing about the centre’s previous successes.

Paul Smith, instructor and owner, said: ” We mentioned we have over 10 current World champions and a world know competitors squad who fight all over the world.

"Mrs Thomas and her husband were extremely impressed.

"She asked how we got on though the lockdowns, we explained we carried on teaching our full timetable via Zoom until we could resume back at our Martial Arts Centre, keeping all our students motivated though the difficult times.”

On Sunday, 27 fighters from the family-run club took part in their first event ­— WMO Nationals and World Qualifier in Leicester.

Last time the centre competed was March 2020 just before the first lockdown.

Cllr Thomas and students enjoyed a buffet, prepared by Janice Smith and parent Shazia Qayyum.

Paul said: "Everyone had a fantastic evening.

"We are one big warrior family we in the business of changing lives, impacting people in a positive way and making a difference within our community.”

He said the mayor asked to be kept updated about the centre, its work and its successes.

North West Warriors says it is not just about teaching Martial Arts, but also to teach children and adults alike that you can achieve anything ­— instilling in student that they can win British and World titles.

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