Mbape: I asked to leave PSG this summer, I felt like a thief

The intention of the Frenchman was to enable the club to earn money that will be invested in adequate replacements

Last summer gave birth to one of the craziest endings in the history of transition periods, and among the main protagonists was Killian Mbape. The guy whose contract expires in less than a year, Real Madrid wanted so badly, but the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain stood in the way of the transfer, who rejected the offer after the offer and in the end thought that 200,000,000 euros was not enough for the French national team player. If they were overestimated, they are de facto and now they suffer a real risk that the young striker will leave Prince’s Park at the end of the season without compensation.

Delic Mbapeovog interviewed for Radio Monte Carlo, which will be fully available tomorrow, has come to light and seriously suggests that the Parisians’ new attempts to extend their contract with him will be a noun.

"I asked PSG to let me go, because in a situation where I did not want to extend my contract, my intention was to enable the club to get money from transfers that will be able to invest in quality replacements. The club gave me a lot. , during my four years in Paris, I have always been as happy as I am at the moment. I said in time that I did not want to extend my contract so that the club could react. weeks of August because that is not true.I informed them earlier, in July.

Also, Mbape said that it is not true that he rejected seven offers for the extension of cooperation.

I wanted everyone to come out of this situation stronger, to give each other a hand and thank them for the good work we have done. I also said, if you don’t want me to leave, then I’ll stay. " he apologized Mbape.

What exactly the leaders of the richest club on the planet had in mind when they rejected Real’s 200,000,000 is not quite clear. For now, there are no hints that he will be able to prevent it Mbapeov a departure that will not add a penny to their coffers.


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