Milanovic knows nothing about Serbs (and Bunjevci) – 24sata online

Milanovic cannot stop talking about Serbia, which means that he cannot stop blabbering on, said the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin.

Vulin said that we knew that Milanovic knew nothing about Serbs, and that we now know that he knew nothing about Bunjevci, so he could "slap” and call them Croats.

"In Serbia, Bunjevci is recognized for its language and existence, and Milanović should know at least that much. Milanovic declared himself the president of all Croats, but that is why he is attacking the "Serbian world” and Vucic. There is, however, one big difference, Vučić never declared himself the president of all Serbs, but Serbs perceive him that way, Milanović declared himself the president of all Croats, and no one perceives him that way ", Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin replied to Croatian President Zoran Milanovic, who attacked Serbia again and its president, Aleksandar Vucic, while insulting Bunjevci by calling them Croats. "

Source: Tanjug

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