Miletic cannot regret the derby: We were better, we should have won Zvezda

Nemanja Miletic returned to Partizan after only a year, he borrowed the black-and-white equipment at the end of the transfer window, and he made his debut performance in the second term against Mladost from Lučani. Partizan triumphed on the traditionally unwelcome away match (2: 0), and Nemanja Miletic was replaced in the second half Vujacic and collected the first minutes.

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The returnee to Humska was without games in his legs for three months due to a thigh muscle injury. The injury is behind him and the coach Aleksandar Stanojevic has more trumps.

"It is known how happy I was when I returned to Partizan, but football is like that, so I got a small injury to my thigh muscle at the beginning, because of which I could not get into the desired shape. I didn’t play games for three months, so everything had to be made up. But, thank God, with dedicated work and with the help of the profession, here I am again, on my return debut ", he said Nemanja Miletic for the club site and added:

"Chief Stanojevic does not leave anything to chance. From the first day, he and I did individual analyzes in order to adapt to his game system as soon as possible. Well, that thigh muscle injury happened, but now everything is behind me and I am overjoyed that I wore the most beautiful and best again – Partizan’s jersey. "

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Although several days have passed since the 165th eternal derby, Nemanja Miletic he can’t come to terms with a draw.

"It’s far harder when you watch than when you play, because when you play, you can change and do something, and nothing like this. We were better, we should have won the derby, but unfortunately, we conceded a goal before the end of the game and instead of celebrating, we went home sad. It was a blow for us, but our heads are rising and we are still fighting. We have a great team and every next one is the most important to us. "

He is capable Nemanja Miletic to cover the positions of right back and stopper, and apparently in the second term he will be under command Aleksandar Stanojević more as a central defender.

"Just today, I commented that it is not strange at all, because my basic position is stopper. Here, we all play as the team and the boss order, and as far as I’m concerned, not that it wasn’t strange to me, on the contrary. ”


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