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Minister Vulin, as a guest on the morning program on TV Pink, referred to the situation in the southern Serbian province.

– The goal is to show Serbs that they should leave, to give up everything. Kurti is dangerous in his fear, he is a great coward. His goal before the elections is to provoke a crisis and get another vote – says Aleksandar Vulin.

– They attacked lumberjacks, people who went to do their job. It is an attempt to destabilize the region. Serbia is not negotiating in front of a gun pointed at its forehead. We could show a little more force than Kurti’s handful of robbers – said Vulin.


– I don’t care about Kurti, as if someone is asking him something. I wonder if the EU has a say. Should we be part of an organization that has no word? Should we sacrifice Kosovo for the sake of opening a cluster?

Vulin commented on the mistakes of the previous government:

– We made a historic mistake because we allowed the UN General Assembly to introduce EULEX instead of UNMIK. That was done by Tadic and Jermic!

Source: Serbia Today

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