Monaco enters the Euroleague with a record budget

Last year, Monaco reached the Eurocup and entered the Euroleague with a budget of 7,500,000 euros. And according to L’Equipe, the Princes will have a budget of as much as 14,000,000 euros here in the debut season on the biggest club stage in Europe, which is the largest amount in the history of clubs that compete in the French Pro A league.

"There has been a significant increase in partnerships, especially with Fedcom (a multinational company engaged in the production of cereals and sulfur fertilizers, shareholder and main sponsor of the club)", he said Alexei Yefimov General Manager of Monaco.

He is Monaco’s highest paid player Mike James. His annual salary of 1,300,000 euros is also a record in basketball there. However, the first operative of the club believes that not only the American, but any of their players is not overpaid.

He reminded that the club is in the case James it also went well, because his contract with CSKA was bigger, that is, the Muscovites are now paying a part, which is why he agreed to reach the Cote d’Azur for "only” 1,300,000 euros.

According to the French sports daily Monaco, they will travel by charter to most of the Euroleague away games, and the desire of everyone in the club is to convince the European elite in every way, not only with the results, that they have a long-term place among them.

When it comes to the budgets of the Euroleague, it is known, thanks to the VTB League, which recently published the data, that CSKA plans to spend 31,460,000, Zenit 22,460,000, and Unix 12,050,000 in the current season.

Some time ago, the first man of the Red Star, N.ebojša Čović announced that the club from Mali Kalemegdan planned a budget for the team of around 5,100,000 euros.


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