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From October 4, on weekdays at 6.30 pm and 10 pm, the audience will be able to follow the adventures of Simeon Rakić, aka Felix, and his two illegitimate sons.

After a successful theater play, you can watch the new series "Felix” on the Courier Television program from October 4.

The first drama program with the signature of our house is the screen adaptation of the novel by the firstborn Vladimir Kecmanović, and it was made in the production of "Firefly”. "Felix” belongs to the genre of "drama”, which is a kind of mix of humorous and dramatic series. The main role is played by Tihomir Stanić, and played by Petar Božović, Strahinja Blažić, Tanja Bošković, Danica Maksimović, Jovan Mijović and Bojan Hlišić. Directed by Djordje Stanimirovic and Stefan Malesevic, and written by a group of authors, including Slavisa Pavlovic and Dejan Stojiljkovic.

– I came to the idea that the novel "Felix”, which is, in the language of the film, a dramatic story, could be turned into a comic series, came to me when I saw how the dramatization for the theater was done. Namely, the novel in the first part has emphasized comic elements and a basic comic situation that can develop thanks to the potential that the novel did not use – says Kecmanović.

The novel begins as a chronicle about a former fraudster Simeon Rakić, called Felix. The pensioner, who placed an ad for an apartment exchange, visits several apartments in other cities. He asks for money for the trip from every man he announced a visit to. That is how Simeon survives from day to day, but the forgotten sin from the past will determine his destiny. During a seemingly ordinary night, Felix’s illegitimate son Dragan comes to the apartment with a gun in his hands, when he did not know it existed. In the series, the story begins at the end of the novel, so the father has two illegitimate sons, Momir and Dragan, born in the same year, one from Montenegro and the other from Serbia, as well as the mysterious heiress of the apartment, Marina.

Petar Božović plays Alimpija, the grandfather of the family, who only had a duo of the scene with his son Simeon.

– I read the book "Felix” and it attracted me. I didn’t even know that the series was being filmed, so I was glad to be invited. I like the role of the spirit even more. The relationship between father and son is an eternal topic. I have been playing a similar role in Banja Luka for many years. When a father dies, he is stricter towards his child. When he is alive, he can help, and when he is not there, he shoots the right heart. I think that the audience will watch this series with sympathy – said Božović and added:

– Olympia is a pre-war middle class. She defended and protected her values, but many failed. Today we no longer have that middle class either. There is a large number of inhabitants in this vacuum. Through this role, I also fight for what I have lost in this world. A man who does not remember his sins cannot find the way to faith and God

.Petar Božović says that in addition to the men’s team, the hearts of the audience will be won by two ladies. – In the series, we should pay attention to two actresses and I think that the audience will love watching them. One is called Danica, and the other is Tatjana – the actor stated.

The filming of "Felix” lasted 13 weeks, or 65 days, from March to June 2021, and was mostly filmed in the studio, which was turned into an apartment by Simeon Rakić’s family, as well as at several locations in Belgrade.

The series will be broadcast only on Kurir television from October 4 on weekdays at 6.30 pm and 10 pm.

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