New goal by Umar Sadik, Almeria came out on top; Partizan received more money on October 4

The main premium, however, will not be until spring …

Almeria on top of the Spanish Segunda, Umar Sadik (24) at the top of the list of shooters. An ideal scenario for Partizan. The striker from Nigeria brought the black and whites an additional half a million euros last week, according to the letter of the contract concluded a year ago, after he broke the limit of 25 goals since arriving in Spain. Tonight in triumph against Tenerife (3: 1) Sadik scored a new goal – the fifth since the beginning of the season in the seventh game.

It was played in the 75th minute when a tall goal scorer received the ball 40 meters from the guests’ goal. He took a long step, easily ran over a defender, and then elegantly, with a lot of feeling, stabbed the goalkeeper for the capital 2: 0.

The new bonus that Partizan expects from Sadikov the transfer has nothing to do with goals and will inevitably arrive on October 4 if the Nigerian is in the lineup for the Girona match. On that day, he will play the 50th official match for Almeria, which will make the black and white box office fuller for another half a million euros.

Of course, Belgraders will be able to count on the main prize and by far the largest part of the cake only in the spring. Let us remind you, if Almeria (with Sadik in the team) is placed in the elite, Partizan will collect 3,000,000 euros.

Umar Sadik he was replaced tonight in the 90th minute. Serbian international Srdjan Babic he played the whole match as a stopper.


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