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At the end of today’s visit to Barajevo, Goran Vesić’s mobile office stopped in Veliki Borak. He thanked the residents of this historically important village for Serbia at the reception to discuss the problems they have.

– We agreed to start the reconstruction of the House of Culture, the reconstruction of the local post office was agreed with the PE Post of Serbia, all households receive garbage cans, and the construction of a children’s playground near the House of Culture begins – said Vesić.

Photo: Beoinfo

He emphasized that the facade and carpentry at the school have already been done in Veliki Borak, gasification has been completed, a minibus line has been introduced and three stops have been set up.

Photo: Beoinfo

– In addition, we have already asphalted four kilometers of roads, but we have agreed on the asphalting of new streets, primarily Milisava Chamdžije Street. There were talks about making a project for the construction of sidewalks as well as expanding the lighting. Belgrade wins – Vesić concluded.

Source: Beoinfo

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